Columbus is known for its remarkable collection of modern architecture, but it is also home to thriving global and local businesses, extraordinary citizens and countless beautiful and inspirational stories that need to be told.

I started ColumbusINCommon because I am incredibly proud to call Columbus my hometown. This community and its extraordinary people have given me endless opportunities and support, and I feel like it’s my time to give back.

I hope ColumbusInCommon will help connect those who love Columbus to each other and to the stories that make this community so uniquely charming.

I will write about people, places, events and more, and I will need your help along the way uncovering the hidden stories. I will also need your help keeping the blog up to date with the most current and relevant information about the Columbus community.

I look forward to learning more about Columbus and its people. I hope you will join me on the journey! Please email comments, suggestions, story ideas and event information to columbusincommon@gmail.com.

What We’ll Be Writing About


We will do our best to include as many events as possible, so please share information about upcoming events with us so that we can be sure to include them on the site. Please email information to ColumbusINCommon@gmail.com.


The Community News section of the site will be devoted to the extraordinary people, places, organizations and stories that make up the Columbus community. If you know of a story that needs told, please send an email to ColumbusINCommon@gmail.com.


One focus of ColumbusINCommon will be family friendly businesses, events, activities and information. I hope ColumbusINCommon can be a go-to site for a close-to-comprehensive list of everything Columbus kid and family related. Please share family-friendly upcoming events, businesses and activities by sending me an email at ColumbusINCommon@gmail.com.

Idea for something to write about? Email us!